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Samhain at Beltane

This year was the first year where I “married” Beltane and Samhain. It’s the “curse of the Southern Hemisphere” as we have Samhain symbols out at Beltane, Yule decorations at Litha, and Ostara at Mabon. Given just how much the veils are open at the end of October, I decided to celebrate both together. I… Continue reading Samhain at Beltane

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Importance of Daily Ritual

This post is in honour of my Opa, Herman deKok, who died 5 May 1945, serving his country as a Member of the Resistance against Nazi Germany. May 5 is known as the ‘Day of Liberation’ in the Netherlands. Daily ritual is more than brushing your teeth, fixing your hair and make-up. It’s more than… Continue reading Importance of Daily Ritual

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Blessed Samhain! (I Am Worthy)

In a moment of despair, I called out to the Old Gods. Of late I’ve been disconnected, confused, trapped…the list goes on. Words like “Pagan”, “Witch”, “Druid”…they’ve become just words to me of late. Right now, they have no meaning behind them for me. With so many definitions of those words flying around, they’ve lost their… Continue reading Blessed Samhain! (I Am Worthy)