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Assuming their Roles – a Beltane story

A new tradition of mine is forming – each year I write a short story to read out at the Beltane gathering, hosted by Gliding Seal Events (and unlike last year, this year I had to confidence to read this story aloud!) This year’s gathering as come and gone, and I had an absolute blast! It’s such an… Continue reading Assuming their Roles – a Beltane story

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Reconnecting with the Goddess

I’ve previously mentioned that I’m one of those women who connect better with Masculine Divine than Feminine Divine. I’m someone who feels the pull stronger to her Patron, and it’s always been that way. I’ve tried connecting with Feminine Divine in the past, but it’s never really held. Within this post I have typed and… Continue reading Reconnecting with the Goddess

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Morning Glory Zell – America’s Priestess

If you’ve never heard of Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart you either haven’t been practicing all that long, you’re not American (I’m not!) or you’ve never really looked outside of your Tradition. She was a pioneer of modern witchcraft who sadly crossed over to the Summerlands on May 13, 2014. She is someone I wish I had… Continue reading Morning Glory Zell – America’s Priestess