Around the Cauldron

Queer Magic and Non-Binary Polarity

Another year, another turning of the wheel in crazy times.   I’m becoming sad as Ostara approaches, as it’s a reminder of how things have changed. With the Delta variant, I’m not comfortable with us as the Riverina & Snowy Pagans catching up as we’re all apart of different LGA’s and we’re all in various… Continue reading Queer Magic and Non-Binary Polarity

Around the Cauldron · For the Gods · The Pagan Experience 2015

Reconnecting with the Goddess

I’ve previously mentioned that I’m one of those women who connect better with Masculine Divine than Feminine Divine. I’m someone who feels the pull stronger to her Patron, and it’s always been that way. I’ve tried connecting with Feminine Divine in the past, but it’s never really held. Within this post I have typed and… Continue reading Reconnecting with the Goddess