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Bardic Grade

Since coming out of the broom closet when I was 17, my journey has taken many different paths. When I moved back to Sydney two and a bit years ago, I decided that I was going to study the Bardic Grade of the program run by the OBOD: Order of BardsOvates and Druids, Ovates and… Continue reading Bardic Grade

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(Ignore what she’s doing in the video, just listen to the lyrics. I’m a bit disappointed she made the video about a guy. So cliché!) I’m considering going back to basics. Of late I’m feeling so disconnected. Since moving, it’s been for better and worse. I’ve got a fantastic kitchen now with bench space (didn’t… Continue reading Trapped

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Solar Eclipse & Scorpio Dark Moon (Embrace the Dark Side)

I have been looking forward to an event called “Embrace the Dark Side” (thank-you Darrell for organising it!) I have slightly blogged about it before, and I was going to confront the darker aspect of myself and work through my shit. I thought the eclipse was happening this evening, and I was preparing myself to do something… Continue reading Solar Eclipse & Scorpio Dark Moon (Embrace the Dark Side)