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Queer Magic – Honouring my Deadname as an Ancestor

I cannot talk for everyone who identifies as Queer, Trans or Non Binary – I can only talk from my own experience as that is the only experience I fully know.  When I came out as non-binary, I went through a stage of anger and regret. I was angry that it took me so long… Continue reading Queer Magic – Honouring my Deadname as an Ancestor

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Queer Magic and Non-Binary Polarity

Another year, another turning of the wheel in crazy times.   I’m becoming sad as Ostara approaches, as it’s a reminder of how things have changed. With the Delta variant, I’m not comfortable with us as the Riverina & Snowy Pagans catching up as we’re all apart of different LGA’s and we’re all in various… Continue reading Queer Magic and Non-Binary Polarity

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Importance of Daily Ritual

This post is in honour of my Opa, Herman deKok, who died 5 May 1945, serving his country as a Member of the Resistance against Nazi Germany. May 5 is known as the ‘Day of Liberation’ in the Netherlands. Daily ritual is more than brushing your teeth, fixing your hair and make-up. It’s more than… Continue reading Importance of Daily Ritual