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Queer Magic and Non-Binary Polarity

Another year, another turning of the wheel in crazy times.   I’m becoming sad as Ostara approaches, as it’s a reminder of how things have changed. With the Delta variant, I’m not comfortable with us as the Riverina & Snowy Pagans catching up as we’re all apart of different LGA’s and we’re all in various… Continue reading Queer Magic and Non-Binary Polarity

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How “coming out” strengthened my relationship with the Gods

Recently this image has been recirculating on FB. It is a capture of a tweet by Sir Ian McKellen expressing how he’s never met a person who regretted coming out [as LGBTQIA]. When a friend posted it, I commented how I’m one of those people. I came out of the closet as non-binary in May… Continue reading How “coming out” strengthened my relationship with the Gods