Pagan Blog Project 2014

Here are the topics I covered during the Pagan Blog Project 2014.


The hand that governs change – an updated view of the Kings of Oak and Holly

Yearning for a past with a romanticised filter

Yule in Australia

By the Glorious New Moon

Not All Spells Work (well, duh)

The Witch that Danced upon the Shore (short story)

Winds of Change

When the veil lifted


Under a Beltane Sun

Stuck Underneath

Tattoos in Dedication

Embracing Traditions

Sea Witchery & Sirens

Why I enjoy being a solitary practitioner

Dealing with Stress

Rain Magick

20 Questions

Finding your Local Quarters

Plight of the (Pagan) Fan Girl

I’m the only Pagan in the…err…relationship

Organised Events

Out of the Broom Closet

What’s normal?

Working on a Novel

Morning Glory Zell – America’s Priestess

Morning Ritual

Love Thyself

When I Met the Lady

Kings of Oak and Holly

Kick up the arse

Just because it was said in a book…

Jumping the Broom

Importance of Daily Ritual

Inner Darkness (Insane in the Membrane)

To Hear, to See, to Know

Herne the Hunter

Green in spell craft

Family – the Pagan kind

Infertility, or “When your ovaries don’t want to work.”

Ending a Chapter, Bathing an Oily Fur Baby, and Dreaming of Cadavers

Dreaming of Ancestors

Discover your Wheel of the Year

(My) Charge of the God

Changing the Directions

Beach Magick and Spellcraft – When simple is best

Bardic Grade

Anglesea (the emotional and highly personal post)



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