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Australian Wiccan Conference 2019

The 35th Australian Wiccan Conference was held this weekend in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, organised by the Pagan Collective of Victoria. This was the second I’ve been to, the first being on the Hawkesbury River in 2012. I was drawn to the workshop line up knowing I wouldn’t know which to choose because naturally you want… Continue reading Australian Wiccan Conference 2019

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The Gods and their (native) animals

When we think of animal totems, we traditionally think of those that are common or native to the Northern Hemisphere – the stag, the deer, the bear, the crow, the raven. When you live on a continent where an animal is an introduced species, sometimes trying to work with that energy is met with barriers.… Continue reading The Gods and their (native) animals

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The Oracle of Nehalennia

The Oracle of Nehalennia is the child of Bela Síol, an intuitive medium, spiritual coach and advisor from Brazil who is now based out of New York, USA.   Nehalennia is the Goddess of the North Sea, a Dutch Goddess that was localised to the Rhine River region of the Netherlands around the 2nd and 3rd… Continue reading The Oracle of Nehalennia

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The Changing Relationship with Divine and with Self

Since “coming out” as non-binary, since changing my name within my community, I’ve entered this new level of self discovery that I wasn’t ultimately prepared for. Having some-what of an identity crisis at 34 wasn’t something I expected to happen, nor was I expecting what was the follow: so how does being non-binary fit into Paganism… Continue reading The Changing Relationship with Divine and with Self