Crafty Pagans

Here are some fantastic Pagan artists I know who make jewellery, soaps, and other wonderful gorgeous things you really need in your life right now!

Australis Incognita at Etsy
Australis Incognita at Etsy

Australia Incognita, along with being a fellow blogger, has a fantastic store over at etsy. Click the photo of these amazing Shaman rattles she made to see her store! She has oils, salts, upcycled pieces, and the coolest Fetish miniatures I’ve seen! If I wasn’t terrified the cat would try to attack them (I’m losing dream catchers that way) they’d be on my wall already!

Kangaroo Apple Soap Studio
Kangaroo Apple Soap Studio

Kangaroo Apple Soap Studio, based out of Sydney, Australia. Handmade cold processed soap made from natural ingredients. She does this in her free time, pieces are limited depending on how big a batch she makes. But they’re just gorgeous! I gave a rainbow cake to my niece for the year before last, and became the favourite relative of the day!


Forest Spirit Jewelery

Forest Spirit Jewelery. Julie Brett, the creator of the Sydney Coastal Wheel of the Year I blogged about a few weeks ago, is the creator of Forest Spirit Jewelery. I own a little more than a half dozen of her pieces as it is quite easy to become addicted to her work! Everything she does herself, from the clay on the stones to the macrame beadwork on the neck.


Lenore’s Grimoire

Lenore’s Grimoire. A beautiful soul I’ve known for several years, Lenore has a multitude of pieces at her store, from products, personal assistance services (eg. workshops, house cleansings), artisan crafted items, ritual supplies, spells, magickal information, courses, readings, workshops and much more. Click her name for FB, the prayer bead (pictured) for her store.


Helen Wells

Helen Wells. I first fell in love with her work when she was featured in Spellcraft Magazine when that was in circulation. I have one of her pieces on my altar, and my ‘Focused Attention’ tattoo on my right arm was inked by her. Her talent is phenomenal! Go check out her Facebook, she’s got a few ink pieces up for sale at the moment.

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  1. Just checking out the new layout, and you’ve gone and said lovely things about my Craft. Bless! Thank you for the link and shout out! Love the blog’s new look. Blessings, Cara! xx

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