Australian Bloggers

I’ve seen a few bloggers do this, and I really like the idea. Also, since my blogroll is doing really weird things, this will be easier to update.

(If you’re wondering why I don’t just link the page titles, it’s because sometimes when you’re viewing through an iPad and you want to just right click something (out of habit) and you can’t, this allows you to copy and paste! But all of these links should open in a new tab.)

This page is for my fellow Australian and Southern Hemispheric Pagan Bloggers who I follow and admire for their view on things.

Australis Incognita –
Broom with a View –
Cauldrons & Broomsticks –
The Chaos Witch –
Darrell’s Den –
Druids Down Under –
Gede Parma –
My Craft and Sullen Art –
Setjataset (Magick Madam) –
Travel Yggdrasil –
The Wistful Dragon –

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